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Every time one of your customers throws away the plastic bag you give them for their groceries, they (and you) play a small role in polluting our planet. At TERRA INTERNATIONAL, we encourage you to choose a higher path: help your customers to shop green with reusable shopping or grocery bags.

Research estimates that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. This harmful substance is already found all over the planet and poses a danger to our wildlife. Fish ingest this harmful amenity because they think it is food, which causes them to choke. Reusable shopping bags in Brisbane help lower these risks.

Customers can use a reusable bag over and over again instead of relying on, and tossing, a new plastic bag for every trip. These bags are made with reusable material durable enough to withstand repeat uses without jeopardising their contents. All it takes is a little action from everyone to make a big difference to our world—and reusable bags provide the perfect place to start.

Reusable shopping bags in Brisbane will become a big part of the lives of local customers and will soon be the leading replacement for plastic and paper bags elsewhere in the region, too. Supermarkets can help to make the transition easier by handing out reusable grocery bags in Brisbane to the public and encouraging shoppers to use them.

Customers who aren’t buying enough to fill a standard reusable bag have other choices—consider V gusset bags and zipper bags for other convenient ways to complete greener grocery shopping. If you want custom-made designs, promotional bags, or other wholesale and bulk options, TERRA INTERNATIONAL is your ideal solution.

We will never compromise on our commitment to preserve the Earth, but we also stand behind the quality of our products, keeping them cost-effective and in line with our customers’ standards (and yours). Contact us to get your questions answered.

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