Why Start Offering Your Customers in Australia the Option to Use Reusable Grocery Tote Bags for Their Shopping?

Ask the average person to picture a trip to the supermarket, and chances are the image they'll have in their head involves arriving home with a car filled with plastic bags containing all their purchases. Up until recently, that would've been an accurate picture. In the wake of the Queensland bag ban, though, which took effect in July 2018, change is coming to retailers everywhere. More than 200,000 plastic bags go into the rubbish bin every hour across Australia, meaning we discard more than 36,000 tonnes of plastic each year. Given the undeniable impact this can have on our environment, QLD has embraced the philosophy of "reduce, reuse, recycle" to ameliorate overuse of disposable plastic bags.

At TERRA INTERNATIONAL, a Queensland-based company, our goal is to work together with businesses and retailers like you to supply reusable shopping bags in bulk to Brisbane. Using the original "green bag" non-woven material, we can produce totes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to meet the specific demands of your business. Think about it: each bag reused means a serious reduction in how much waste we send to landfill. Aside from staying on the right side of regulations, what are some of the other reasons to switch to non woven grocerybags?

Three key benefits of using reusable tote shopping bags in Australia

First and foremost, purchasing reusable grocery bags in bulk in Australia offers you the opportunity to undertake a new branding effort without the need for a widespread advertising campaign. Every customer that leaves your market carrying products in a branded bag will be showing to others that your business is both eco-friendly and an excellent place to shop. When customers re-use the bags later — which could be for any purpose — your brand will gain even more exposure. It could be an exciting opportunity for your business.

Next, these totes are easy for customers to use. In time, they may even prefer them to traditional plastic bags. Consider the box bag we offer, for example. Not only is the material sturdy and optionally available with an interior base plate, but the material is spill proof. Even if a grocery item leaks, it will not damage the bag; it’s easy to clean and put back into use.

Finally, it is easy to offset the budgetary impact that acquiring grocery shopping and totebags your business needs. The Queensland bag ban allows retailers to charge for reusable bags; if a customer does not yet have one of their own, it is easy enough for them to add a small amount to their purchase to get the bags. Then the cycle of reuse begins.

Partner with TERRA INTERNATIONAL for easy access to the right products

Which bags are best for your business? Our extensive selection covers practically every kind of tote you could require. With plenty of customisation options, responsive customer service, and prompt shipment, it's never been easier to bulk purchase reusable bags for your business. Contact TERRA INTERNATIONAL with your questions and concerns for prompt assistance.

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