Making a Difference: Choosing a Supplier of Non Woven Tote or Shopping Bags in Brisbane

Do you know how much plastic waste Australians generate each year, just in terms of single-use bags alone? The numbers are staggering — more than three and a half billion shopping bags see use each year, and most of those end up going straight to landfill. The result is not only an enormous amount of unnecessary waste but also a huge and measurable impact on the environment. Think of the many resources that go into producing a bag whose only purpose is to see one use before it becomes rubbish; now think of how those resources could be better used.

These are some of the lines of thinking that went into the creation of Brisbane's recent plastic bag ban. For retailers, compliance with these new rules is important — but doing so also affords you the opportunity to make a difference with your business. At TERRA INTERNATIONAL, we provide a simple way to explore what non woven shopping bags can do for your Brisbane business. Whether you operate a supermarket or a small retail establishment, these reusable tote bags are not only a natural replacement for single-use bags, but they can do more for you, too.

Why start using non woven tote bags for your Brisbane business?

The obvious answer to the question above — compliance with the law — is only a scratch on the surface. Switching to offering them and encouraging customers to use them is a way to show that your business is eco-friendly and environmentally savvy. Point out to your clients that they can be used again and again, not only at your store but also at any retailer or even for basic uses at home. With a bag customised to your specifications, you can even brand totebags with your logo, slogan, or company colours. The results are twofold: customers keep your brand in mind, and others in public will see it, too.

At TERRA INTERNATIONAL, we've assembled an array of options that make us well suited to become your non woven bag supplier in Brisbane. As your supplier, we can offer bags in a multitude of sizes and cut styles, from those suitable for small purchases to heavy-duty bags that can stand up to a load of groceries. Box bags and zipper bags, for example, are excellent to use while shoppingbut could just as easily be given away during a promotion.

Explore all the available options for your order today

With many design and colour options available, finding a way to adapt to the QLD bag ban that works for your business is easy. As a locally-owned business, we believe it’s essential to do our part in promoting the necessity of a mindset that puts "reduce, reuse, and recycle" first and foremost. To further discuss what we can offer as your supplier of tote and shopping bags, please get in touch via our online contact form. Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment.

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