Let TERRA INTERNATIONAL Be Your Supplier for Non Woven Tote and Shopping Bags at Wholesale Prices in Australia

Concern for the environment is an ongoing issue around the world. In the past, using a plastic bag for anything seemed like the only option for carrying any type of product. We developed our company to provide you with an alternative to plastic bags. TERRA INTERNATIONAL is a non woven bag supplier that offers the option of a reusable bag that is environmentally friendly.

What is a Non Woven Bag?

Non woven bags were created with environmental health in mind. The bags are created using non-toxic materials and are easily biodegradable. They are completely green products that are meant to be tough and durable yet reusable and washable.

A non woven bag can be used in the place of any typical plastic bag. The primary difference between the two bag options is that, where a plastic bag can be used only for a limited time and must ultimately be thrown away, a non woven bag can be used indefinitely.

How Can a Non Woven Bag Supplier Help Promote Your Brand?

Are you putting together a business event where you would like to promote your brand? Do you work for a charity and you are putting together plans for a certain cause? Are you opening a store and would like to give your customers a non woven shopping bag with your logo on it? Why not create a quality yet environmentally friendly option for your clients or your event patrons?

The beauty of non woven bags is not just that they are great options to promote environmental health, but that you are in complete control of the ultimate design of the bag. Your logo is not only printed on the bag, but you also get to choose the style of the bag as well as its colour. If you do not have a logo, you can still design a personalised bag with any kind of wording or pictures.

We give you a number of non woven tote bags at wholesale prices. Non woven tote bags are wonderful options for business logos that require a larger surface to fully show their branding. A non woven tote bag is the perfect choice for any grocery store as it allows your shopper a bigger bag for larger shopping trips that promotes your brand all at the same time.

Offering Non Woven Bags throughout Australia

TERRA INTERNATIONAL realises how important the health of the environment is to our world. We are in favour of the QLD plastic bag ban and we produce all of our non woven bags in Australia with that mandate in mind. We pride ourselves on creating only quality products so that we can be your premiere non woven bag supplier. Our goal is to give you a reliable non woven bag that still follows the model of “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

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