Benefits of Non Woven Polypropylene Bags and Where to Find Non Woven Grocery Bags Wholesale in Australia

Lately, people have become much more aware of the hazard plastic bags pose to the environment. Single-use bags are solid waste pollutants that float in the oceans, clog drains, and sit in landfills for years after carrying your belongings just once. This understanding has led companies and individuals to use recyclable bags more often to do their part for the environment. The best bags for this purpose are non woven polypropylene bags in Australia.

These bags are made from a special material that looks and feels very similar to cloth; however, since they aren’t woven, they are more environmentally friendly and more economical. The fibres of these bags are thermally or mechanically bound together, creating a product that is water-resistant, durable, breathable, hypoallergenic, washable, and attractive. They come in many shapes and sizes to carry items such as groceries, wine, clothing, and more. Here are some of their specific benefits.

They’re long-lasting

Polypropylene grocery bags in Brisbane consist of a firm, durable cotton-like fabric that lasts for years, even with heavy use. Plastic bags, on the other hand, are manufactured to save money. That means they’re thin and flimsy and tear easily. They’re also usually discarded after just one use. Polypropylene bags can withstand years of wear and tear, slowing the growth of our landfills and keeping the oceans cleaner.

They’re environmentally friendly

Non woven bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They burn easily without releasing any harmful toxins. They are also manufactured using no water or PVC coating, which means that even their production is earth-friendly. The more of these bags on the market, the fewer bags overall people will produce and use.

They’re cost-effective

Polypropylene grocery bags are a no-brainer for businesses because they’re so cost-effective. Not only are they inexpensive to produce, but they are also reused over and over by customers, minimising the demand for more bags. Also, should you choose to print your logo on the bags, this advertisement will be seen repeatedly and help promote your brand.

Where to find non woven polypropylene bags wholesale

Plastic bags have developed a bad reputation for good reason. They’re extremely wasteful, they harm the environment, and they are all too often seen in streets, in gutters, and many other places they don’t belong. At TERRA INTERNATIONAL, we believe in the power of change. We are dedicated to providing reusable and sustainable bags to help maintain a cleaner and greener Australia. Our wholesale bags are available to companies such as supermarkets and others in Brisbane and throughout Australia and are the perfect solution to the QLD plastic bag ban effective from 1st July 2018. Our eco-friendly products are a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle – and printed bags help you increase brand awareness and make a good impression on your environment-savvy customers. For a wide variety of reusable bags suitable for many different uses, contact TERRA INTERNATIONAL today.

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