Where to Find Wholesale Non Woven Bags on the Gold Coast

Reduce, reuse, recycle–TERRA INTERNATIONAL is an environmentally-friendly company devoted to making Australia green. We supply non woven bags as a replacement for plastic that are both recyclable and biodegradable. The Earth deserves a break from the pollution of plastic, and we can all help reduce the damage being done in the world, one bag at a time.

Our wholesale non woven bags in the Gold Coast are made with a variety of recyclable materials, perfect for protecting the environment. Australia has joined the list of countries looking to save the planet by slowly removing plastic bags from the equation for shoppers. Supermarkets have jumped on board and have agreed to hand out reusable bags to help ease the transition for consumers until July 8th. You don’t have to wait for this transition to take hold to start doing your part. Simply find the stylish non woven bags that best fit your brand and start helping consumers to shop greener.

The possibilities don’t stop at supermarkets, either: you can offer reusable bags for almost anything that ordinarily calls for a more wasteful alternative. D cut bags are ideal for stationary, gift articles, or jewellery items, for example, or our strap bags can be perfect to sell to students to sling over their shoulders to carry around their notes.

TERRA INTERNATIONAL wholesale non woven bags in the Gold Coast are one small step in the right direction to change the environment and help reduce pollution. If you want to be part of the journey to a better planet, contact us to ask questions about our wholesale options or to place your order. These bags offer not just environmental sustainability to consumers but also convenience, style, and durability.

Go Green with Terra International. Say No to Plastic!

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