TERRA INTERNATIONAL Offers Quality Eco Friendly Shopping Bags in Brisbane

We founded TERRA INTERNATIONAL with a heartfelt mission: we want to decrease the use of plastic and paper around the world by offering high-quality reusable and eco-friendly alternatives. Of course, we want to change the world—but we’ll start here in Brisbane. Eco shopping bags are a wholesale option that can help businesses across Brisbane easily upgrade their consumer experience while doing their part to protect the Earth. We want to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle with our non woven bags.

TERRA INTERNATIONAL supports the Queensland plastic bag ban that has been in effect since the first of July 2018. We know eco shopping bags in Brisbane are the most affordable way to do your shopping without harming the environment. They are durable and easier to carry than regular plastic and paper bags, as they are made with materials that can withstand a heavier load. They are handily reusable and do not need to be thrown away after use. As a company, we are happy to help with wholesale and bulk orders for grocery stores to hand out or sell to their customers, making the abolishment of plastic bags an easier transition on the population. We also offer Earth-friendly printed bags for promotional purposes and a range of other supportive reusable options.

We want to build relationships with our clients as they strive to do their part for the Earth we all love. Contact us for more information on placing your orders for eco shopping bags in Brisbane.

Go Green with Terra International. Say No to Plastic!

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