Slow Down Environmental Change with Bulk Eco-Friendly Tote Bags and More For Wholesale in Brisbane

At some time or another most people have heard about how long a single-use plastic bag will take to degrade in soil and are therefore encouraged to use an alternative bag if possible. At TERRA INTERNATIONAL, we are making this change not only possible but also easy with the availability of ordering bulk eco-friendly bags for your Brisbane venture. These environmental bags available for wholesale, are of a high-quality non-woven material and are an ideal alternative to plastic bags.

Providing an Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Bags

We aim to provide reusable and sustainable products that will help minimise the environmental damage around Australia and instead help maintain a clean and green environment. This is achievable with our non-woven reusable bags made from environmentally friendly materials such as polypropylene. We trade ethically and fairly with our stakeholders and are driven to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers.

We ensure that our products are cost effective as well as meeting the demands of the consumer, be it a large Brisbane business or a smaller boutique. The quality of the product is never compromised so you can be confident of its use as an alternative to plastic bags. Using the product will help you to reduce the number of single-use plastic bags you need. Reuse the eco-friendly bag and eventually recycle when it reaches end of life.

With the call for more environmental awareness and the plastic bag ban coming into effect this year in Brisbane and the wider Queensland area, we are here to provide you with an ideal alternative. This means that your business can keep providing its high standard of customer service by placing your goods and products in eco-friendly tote bags that are available from us for bulk order.

Various Sizes Including Eco-Friendly Tote Bags for Wholesale

When placing your bulk order of eco-friendly bags, you can be certain that you will get one to suit your business’ style with our range of sizes and various colours. The advantage of our wholesale tote bags coming in a variety of sizes means that you can find one specific for your requirements and its ability to be used for multiple purposes.

For example, the Jumbo Bags will carry your customer’s purchase of multiple items or that one large item they have purchased. It will serve as an ideal bag for their return trip to your store or for carrying their essentials as they go out and about. Our boxed bags are most commonly used as a reusable grocery bag, and its water-resistant ability means it prevents spillage from leaking through the bag.

If your products available at your Brisbane store are of the smaller and more delicate kind, then we have D cut bags which are ideal for stationary, gift articles and jewellery. Alternatively, we will customise a size that will work for you. These non-woven bags can also be printed on with your business or brand so that as people reuse them, your name is also being advertised.

Whichever size bag you choose there are single, double or multiple colour options with your wholesale order. Contact us today to place your order for environmental wholesale bags whether you are after standard sizing options or you want to customise your own.

Go Green with Terra International. Say No to Plastic!

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